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    Project: Junk Wall

    Truth be told: I can’t handle “blah” walls.  White walls disgust me.  Huge empty walls irritate me.  I have a problem.  Hence the reason why the first thing we … more

  • I swear that toddlers’ arm spans are insanely long compared to their height.  My daughter has the ability to reach all kinds of things that I feel like should be out of her grasp ( … more

  • …kinda.  We have lived in #CasaDeLaRoes for about two months now and I am finally posting some pictures for you to check it out.  Pay no attention to the paint that still needs … more


    Casa De La Roes

    This is it folks.  We are down to a single digit countdown.  We have our first sticker walk through tomorrow morning.  That is not the official term but we get to learn the correct way … more

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