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  • Be prepared for it…my love obsession with the light fixtures is about to come at you full force.  I really think they need to have a home décor store that only sells light fixtures … more

  • After surviving the downpour the night before, we woke up to some not-so-pretty weather ready to explore animal kingdom.  I was pumped for this park since I had never seen it before and… … more

  • Day 2 we were bound for the streets of fame. 

    Such a cute couple!

    Rocking the belly and some sweatpants.

    I fell in LOVE with the ceiling of this shop that sold all kinds of things … more

  • We got back from our Disneyworld trip Tuesday night with a sick Nathan. :( I have been waiting to blog about our experience but between hosting my mom to help get started on the nursery, taking care … more

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