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    Diaper Bags 101

    Once you become a mom you are left to fend for yourself on a lot of things.  Sure you talk to others and get great advice, but you still don’t really have a clue what you are doing, what … more

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    Brynzlee Grace

    I can’t say enough about this little cutie.  What I can say is motherhood comes with three sides: good, bad, and ugly.

    This morning we experienced some ugly.  Bryn has been on … more

  • “since you looked at me…” Very fitting that I got a “barenaked lady” about a week ago as the Barenaked Ladies’ song: One Week is now playing in my head.  One … more

  • It is a tradition in the Schmidt household to announce the birth of a new baby with a bow on the tree in the front yard.  Momma Starbody decided to continue the tradition by decorating our … more

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