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  • Christmas is only four days away.  It is hustle and bustle time.  December is always a jumble with all the preparation for “the big day.” 

    This year, through all the … more

  • Zella Lou turned two weeks old yesterday.  This morning she had her two week check-up and other than getting over some pink eye, is doing well.  She is already up more than a pound from … more


    Proud Sister

    I think Bryn’s face says it all. 

    This three year old has claimed Zella as “her baby” and is smitten with her.

    Brynzlee loves to give Zella kisses, touch/pet her, be near … more

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    Zella Lou

    It’s official…we are now a family of four! 

    Our beautiful, Zella Lou was born at 3:37pm on Sunday, August 14th. 

    check out all that hair

    I will be … more

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