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    The Facts:

    - You started rice cereal for the first time this week.  You are a fan. You take about an ounce at a time right now. 

    - You are rolling over a lot.  You have done it on both sides from back to belly and the other night, while no one was watching, you rolled from belly to back.  Such a strong young man.


    - You had your first trip to the State Fair today to celebrate your fourth month of life.

    - You smile all the time…except when you are hungry.

    - You burry your face in your momma’s arms when you are tired and fall right to sleep.  It melts my heart every time!


    - You constantly have your fingers in your mouth and love to gnaw on them.

    - You typically sleep at night from 9:00pm until about 9:00am.  You are almost always the last one up in our house.


    - You have been working on your grasp and can even hold toys pretty well.

    - Your neck strength is continuing to improve and you hold your head up for longer periods of time.  I think you are almost ready for the bumpo seat.


    - You want to be around everyone else.  If we are eating dinner, you aren’t content unless you are sitting in your rocking seat right next to us. 

    - You love when your sisters ask to hold you.  You just stare up at them and grin.  You also soothe to them singing to you. It is pretty adorable.

    IMG_0783[1]Ryker Eugene, you make our lives crazy and perfect at the same time.  We love you more than you will ever know!




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    The Facts:

    - You are sleeping through the night! Lately, after your last bottle, you have been falling asleep on the floor in our living room all by yourself.  We then move you up to your room for the night. 

    - You are also usually the last one up in the mornings.  We have to wake you up to go to school during the week.


    - Your teachers found out that you are a fan of the sleep sack.  Your naps at school are typically somewhere between 30 minutes and a hour long.

    - We switched you to a medium nipple this week and you are downing bottles with it.  You still take 6 ounces every 3 hours.


    - You are not a huge fan of tummy time.  You will usually only last about 5-10minutes before you are mad and over it.

    - You love to stretch out and lay on your back.  There have been a couple of times where you almost rolled onto your side while on your play mat.

    - You still enjoy watching your sisters.  Watching the three of you all smiling at each other is just precious.


    - You still smile a lot.  Usually I can get you to smile right away when I ask you to say “mama” or when I run my fingers over the sides of your face.  You are just so sweet!

    - You are working hard on perfecting your reach.  Lately you have started trying to grab at things.  It is hilarious and adorable to watch.  You currently favor your right arm with this.


    - You hardly ever spit up but you do some serious spitting/drooling.

    It is pretty uncommon for your shirt to be dry.

    - You are such a chill baby! The other day your class was very hectic after “water play.”  Mommy walked in to help get babies out of wet clothes and you didn’t make a peep.  No crying, no tears, nothing, just taking in all the excitement. IMG_0724[1]We love you more than you will ever know, Ryker Gene!




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  • “'Cause we were born for better days
    We’ll find a way, yeah
    We’re gonna be bigger
    Don't give up, you’re more than enough
    Believe me love, yeah
    You’re gonna be bigger”

    -Sugarland’s song “Bigger”

    I have been listening to this song/album on repeat recently partly because I just love Sugarland and partly because this song is speaking to my heart right now.

    Our life is crazy, it always is.  We always joke that we never do anything small.  The first time we bought a house we were on vacation and I accepted my first “adult” job on that exact same vacation.  Now three years after building our second house together we are looking at moving again…more on that later.

    Last week was my first full week back at work from maternity leave.  I was driving the school bus to pick up students from a field trip and had my mom on speaker phone.  We were discussing preparations for my sister’s graduation party that was coming up that weekend.  Before we got off the phone we reviewed things to make sure all was set and then laughed about the previous weekend when my fam of five had traveled to IL without any extra clothes for our infant (I blame my mom brain) and traveled back to IN forgetting my jewelry in IL. I told my mom that with three kids and two dogs it is a wonder if we make it anywhere without forgetting something.  She then responded with how proud she was of us and how well we handle everything. It was like she knew that I would need this statement for the rest of this day.

    About ten minutes after that phone call I was at a kids play place waiting for fifteen students to get shoes on when I looked at my phone and saw I had two missed calls from my husband.  I called him back and he asked if I wanted to meet for lunch.  I thought it was odd and out of the ordinary but then remembered our lunch dates while I was on maternity leave and how we said we would make it a point to have day dates even when I went back to work.  Before I could respond he said “I have some bad news.”  I immediately asked if it was about the house…

    At this point in the story we have closed on our 2+ acre lot and are continuing to wait for all of our prints/plans for the new house to be completely finalized before signing off on the loan.

    …he responded with “no, it is about my job.  I got fired.”  My mind was racing, I felt like I had been punched in the stomach, and I looked straight in front of me to see my five year old standing in line with her class ready to get on the bus.  I couldn’t react. I couldn’t show emotion. I couldn’t even ask the millions of questions that were flooding into my mind. 

    We had lunch and a heart to heart together that day. 

    We will make it through all of this of that I am certain.  God has a plan and little things reassure me of  this all the time.

    I am so incredibly thankful for my husband who is such a strong leader of our family.  I am thankful for our kids who make us smile through all of this and who keep our minds off of it with all their illnesses this week Smile.  I am thankful for our loving families and friends who have been so supportive through this time.  I am thankful that Nathan has the skills needed to find another decent job quickly.  I am thankful for these trials that show us God’s love and his plan for all of us. 

    “We’re gonna be bigger”


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    The Facts:

    - You are sleeping about 5-6 hours at a time at night.  We are hoping to get you sleeping through the night soon.

    - You started school last week and have done great except for sleeping.  You are not a fan of taking naps in a crib and have been averaging 30 min sleeps at school. 


    - You are currently taking about 6 ounces of formula every three hours.

    - You are not a huge fan of the pacifier and will usually only take it to soothe an upset tummy.


    - You smile a LOT.  Your smile lights up your whole face! We love to see you show off those two dimples.

    - You have started “talking” a lot more and even giggle sometimes.

    - You burp and fart like a boy.  They are often loud and stinky.


    - You are such a chill baby and can often be found sitting watching the crazy in our house. (Your sisters running around or dancing.)

    - You love your momma and will usually calm to my voice.

    - You met your grandma Bee this past weekend which means you have now met all of your living great grandparents. I think it is safe to say they all love you to pieces.


    We love you so much happy boy!



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