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    The Facts:

    - You are sleeping about 5-6 hours at a time at night.  We are hoping to get you sleeping through the night soon.

    - You started school last week and have done great except for sleeping.  You are not a fan of taking naps in a crib and have been averaging 30 min sleeps at school. 


    - You are currently taking about 6 ounces of formula every three hours.

    - You are not a huge fan of the pacifier and will usually only take it to soothe an upset tummy.


    - You smile a LOT.  Your smile lights up your whole face! We love to see you show off those two dimples.

    - You have started “talking” a lot more and even giggle sometimes.

    - You burp and fart like a boy.  They are often loud and stinky.


    - You are such a chill baby and can often be found sitting watching the crazy in our house. (Your sisters running around or dancing.)

    - You love your momma and will usually calm to my voice.

    - You met your grandma Bee this past weekend which means you have now met all of your living great grandparents. I think it is safe to say they all love you to pieces.


    We love you so much happy boy!



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  • Ryker Eugene,

    You are the cutest little man I have ever laid eyes on. We are so blessed to call you ours. 


    The Facts:

    - At your one month check-up this week you had the following stats: Height 21.5” (62%) Weight 9lb 10oz (54%) Head circumference 15.75” (99%)

    - You are working on those neck muscles and do a pretty good job holding your head up.


    - These past two weeks have been a challenge.  You have been fighting some mean BM’s that are making your bottom raw.  We have tried a number of things and the Dr. finally switched your formula to soy and it seems to be working. 


    - You usually stick to sleeping for three hours at a time.  This week you had a few rough nights but I think it was more so that you would wake yourself up because your bottom was bothering you.  Today you slept for five hours straight and are sleeping again.  I am a little nervous about what that will mean for your first car ride to IL tonight. 

    - You almost always smile as you are falling asleep. My favorite!  Today you also smiled at mommy quite a bit after your bottle and five hour nap.  I may have let out happy tears as I stared at you.  It is so good to have you feeling better. 


    - You have also battled with clogged tear ducts from time to time.  They seem to have cleared up for now.

    - I love it when you still ball yourself up on my chest.  I soak in every moment of this that I can!


    - You are so bright eyed and love to take in what is going on around you.  During the day it might be a ceiling fan but when your sisters are home and talking to you, you love to stare back at them.  

    - We currently call you “Ryker” or “Ryker Gene”  with the occasional “Little man” or “Dude.”  Zella has called you “Ryker Roe” on several occasions as well.

    - You often have your dad’s “shakes” when you are falling asleep. You did this in the womb and will still be found with your leg or arm trembling as you drift off to sleep.  

    IMG_0662[1]You are such a sweet little boy and perfect addition to our crazy family.  I am so thankful that God blessed us with you. 



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    The Facts:

    - At your 5 year check up you had the following stats:

    Weight 41.8lbs (64%) Height 3’9”(92%)

    - You are such a compassionate girl…usually.  The other day you came home with a sticker from your dentist appointment.  When Zella showed interest in it you immediately offered for her to have it.


    - Your hair has finally grown enough to where you have had two professional haircuts/trims.  You went to mommy’s stylist and did pretty well both times.  You still have your beautiful curls which makes doing your hair in the morning a breeze.

    - We recently moved your car seat to the third row of both of our cars.  Although being in the very back isn’t your favorite, you do a great job of climbing back there and getting your seat belt buckled by yourself.

    - You are such a smart girl.  You love writing names of family members and friends.  You can recognize a few words when “reading” and have memorized the book “Diary of a Worm.” 


    -You have been in swim lessons for almost two years and are doing great!

    - You can count to about 49 before you need help remembering what comes next.  You also already know some small addition problems.

    - Your best friends at school are a set of triplet girls.  You talk about them all the time.  Several months ago you started tearing up on our way home from school. I asked what was wrong and you said that you just realized that you wouldn’t be in school with the triplets next year.  We talked about it and made it better but it is so sweet to me the way your little brain works. 

    - You are bossy.  You can often be found telling your sister what she should be doing.  We constantly have to remind you that you are not her mother.


    - You are such a big helper.  Your jobs around the house are to help feed the dogs, set the table for dinner, fold laundry, and help with cleaning.  You love to help with your younger siblings as well.  You grab pacifiers, throw away diapers, and sing to them when they are upset.

    - When you get nervous or shy you usually put your hands up to your mouth. We are working hard on responding to adults when they speak to you and looking them in the eye. You are really outgoing with people you are close to but get uneasy around people who aren’t family or even large groups of kids. During show and share each Friday they record you in front of the class and you are always timid.  


    - You still LOVE music.  You pick up on songs so quickly.  Awhile ago you asked about the “Band-Aids song.”  It took us a long time to figure out that you meant Bad Blood by Taylor Swift because it has a line that says “Band-Aids don’t fix bullet holes.”

    - Your current favorite songs to have Alexa play over and over again are “Boomerang,” “Body Like a Back Road,” “Party Freeze Dance,” “Legends,” and  “Ain’t Going Down Till the Sun Comes Up.”

    - You get excited about going out to restaurants based on what drink you can order there.  You love going to our favorite Mexican restaurant because you know they have fruit punch.  When we ask where you want to go for dinner you usually say something like “Longhorn because I can get root beer” or “Red Robin because I can get a shake.” Oh your memory.

    - You are going into Kindergarten this year.  Mommy is so sad to see you grow up and not be in the same school as her.  I am sure you will do great!


    Little lady you are growing too quickly.  I love you so much and am so proud of you.  I constantly pray that you will continue to be such a compassionate and caring person.  Thank you for making me a proud momma.



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    our new normal: 2 adults, 3 kids, 2 dogs

    We are about to enter week three of being a family of five. Our lives have changed so much since April 4th.  For the first time Nathan and I are out numbered by kids in our house.  At any given time there is at least one child or dog that needs your attention.  It is chaos but it is beautiful.

    I don’t know how to begin to express how much more complete our little family feels with the addition of Mr. Ryker Eugene.  Sure there are times it means we are feeding a baby while putting a toddler to bed while repeatedly telling our five year old to brush her teeth but it just feels perfect.  Perfect Chaos.  

    The chaos keeps everyday an adventure.  This past Sunday, after almost no sleep due to a newborn and a toddler with four molars coming through we started getting ready an hour before church started.  It felt like we were running a marathon against time with not a lot of energy.  We were able to get all five of us ready (including four of us getting a shower) and make it to church with time to spare.  This very little accomplishment made us feel like rock stars. We can do this. (Nathan and I definitely high fived in celebration on the way to church and even braved taking the kids out for dinner that night after an afternoon of family naps.)

    Speaking of little accomplishments,  I feel the need to report that at two weeks postpartum I was able to fit back into my pre-pregnancy jeans…and still breath! This is huge! It took me six months to do this after having Bryn.  I chalk this up to having two kids 20 months apart.  Who knew chasing a toddler was so helpful in losing baby weight?!?

    I am so thankful for my amazing husband who just happens to be a wonderful dad as well.  I am also thankful for our girls who are such big helpers.  One of my favorite things is to watch Bryn and Zella with Ryker.  The other day the girls came home from school and while I was changing Ryker’s diaper Zella came up to him and leaned her head close to his saying, “It’s ok, Ryker.”  Melts my heart!

    Our life is certainly not a fairytale but it is pretty dang close. All of those moments that I want to bottle up and remember forever sure outweigh the times I want to pull my hair out. 


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