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    The Facts:

    - You now have your front two bottom teeth.  We are waiting on more teeth, but for now it is just the two.


    - Your teachers said you dared to take a step on your own today. We are working hard on this because you are a chunk to carry around. :)

    - I’m pretty sure eating is your favorite thing to do.  You would sit and eat all day if we let you. I should have ordered two kids meals the other day because you out eat your sister typically. 


    - You already throw some mean tantrums.  You are going to be a strong willed child just like your sister.

    - Un-like your sister, you seem to love the outdoors.  You love putting your feet in the grass, walking into the ocean, and playing in the sand with no hesitation.  I think you were in heaven on our recent trip to AL. 


    - You sign for “please”, “all done”, and occasionally “more” and “thank-you.” 

    - You are talking more.  You say “all done” aloud sometimes and say “hi” whenever you put a play phone up to your ear. 

    - You learned to give kisses and it is the most precious thing.  Of course they are open mouthed but sometimes you will even make the “muah” sound when you do it.  I have to admit you are pretty stingy with your kisses and will only do it when YOU want to. 


    - You are learning to tell your sister no when she gets to be too much. This is usually in the form of grunts or pushing her away.

    - You are continuing to sleep like a champ through the night at home.  However, you were not a big fan of sleeping in the pack and play on vacation. 

    - Thanks to grandpa Schmidt, you love watching birds.  On vacation, he would take you on the porch daily to watch for the birds. You would help point them out because pointing is one of your new favorite things to do. 


    We love you you, little stinker! I can’t believe you are almost a toddler.



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  • We’ve been busy as usual.  I’m trying to keep this space away from becoming just milestone updates on the girls so I thought I’d spend a little time doing my usual photo dump to get you caught up on life around here.


    I got the honor of attending the annual Big Wish Gala for Make-A-Wish of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.  Our schools were three of five Primrose Schools recognized for exceeding $100,000 in giving!


    Reagan Michelle Miller was born May 2nd and there couldn’t been a more precious niece. Brynzlee Grace is smitten over her only girl cousin!


    We finally bought the perfect bench for our morning room.  It is from my favorite furniture store, Arhaus. 



    We celebrated Frances turning one with our besties, the Cotton family! AND continued the celebration with all the party take-aways when we got home.  Brynzlee Grace is a hoot. 


    This showed up in the mail and I have been obsessively stalking The Cadillac Palace Theater in hopes of getting tickets to opening weekend.  I have been waiting years for the Phantom of the Opera sequel to come to the US!


    Bryn and I have started a habit of eating ice cream sundaes.  I shed a few tears the first time we used grandma Starbody’s pudding dishes. 


    Maverick Turner Jones was born on June 22nd.  This little guy is just plain adorable.  We have been lucky enough to spoil him with cuddles the past two weekends in a row!


    This. This is what happens when you pull up to a store to buy your dad his favorite beer for his b-day only to realize your 4 year old is going to have a major melt down if you don’t let her push the kid’s cart.  #momoftheyear




    Fourth of July weekend at my mom and dad’s house.  We were able to watch the Maroa fireworks with the whole Starbody clan and most of the Roe family.  It was perfection!


    The five youngest Roe grandbabies at Grandma Kathy’s house. The next couple years are going to be a blast with this bunch that just keeps on growing.


    Happy 4th of July! (You can find me celebrating with my favorite flowers and some Blondie’s Cookies.)


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    The Facts:

    -You finally got your first tooth! :)


    - You love to walk around while holding onto furniture and pushing the walker.  You are going to be walking on your own before we know it.

    - The other day you decided to crawl up the first step on our stairs like it was no big deal.  You were watching sissy go upstairs and, as usual, wanted to do what she was doing. 


    - You hardly eat baby food anymore.  You only want solid food.

    - You finally said mama the other day….right after you went from saying “dada” to the occasional “daddy.”  I see where I rank. 

    - You are a daddy’s girl right now and will even cry when he leaves the room.

    iPiccy-collage- You can sign “all done” and almost said it the other night.


    - You really enjoy singing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.” You move your hands up and down, smile, and bounce when it is sung to you. 


    -You are already in 18 month clothes and sometimes wear a 18-24 month shirt.  I even bought you a 2T dress the other day and it fits you. We are flying through Bryn’s hand-me-downs, especially her shoes!

    - You are so happy and still give the best giggles when your sister is talking to you.  I love the way you two adore each other. (At least when she isn’t trying to pick you up or get in your face.)


    We love you so much, baby girl!



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    Brynzlee Grace turned 4 years old in April.  It might not seem like much but I swear there are times now that I look at her and think “how are you already a little woman?”  Don’t get me wrong we still have some scattered temper tantrums, potty accidents, etc. but she is maturing and it is hard on a momma!


    To celebrate our oldest getting older, we decided to throw her her first “friends” birthday party. (We had a separate party at Granny and Poppa’s house for family.)


    We kept it very low key and had cake and ice cream at the house and a “tea 4 Brynzlee” theme.  Bryn asked to invite a few of her friends and neighbors and we kept it small by just having a school party for her friends at Primrose.  (Yes, our child had three VERY small parties for her birthday. That is what happens when your birthday falls right between Easter and your mom’s biggest school event of the year.  Sorry, Brynie bear, your parties might forever be based around what is easy and convenient.)


    tea cups: borrowed from an amazing friend, cupcake stand and bonnet take-a-way gifts: Target dollar bin, garland: Golden Drop Garlands, flowers: Adrienne’s in Noblesville



    I hardly took any pictures. Mostly we spent time chatting with friends and neighbors while Bryn had a blast running around with her friends.  I think she was on cloud nine. 


    And the best news…Bryn’s cake actually survived this year!


    Happy Birthday, Brynzlee Grace!


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