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    The Facts:

    - You are saying so many new words. You said “mama” for about a week straight and now only say it when you are in a lot of distress. Stubborn boy.  You say “thank you,” “all done,” and “high five.”  You also just started signing for “please.”

    - You are off of formula and completely on whole milk. You still take 3 bottles a day and are a little particular about them.  You drink cold milk out of a sippy but bottles have to be at least room temperature. 


    - You failed your hearing test that was part of a follow up from your tubes.  We will be going for a recheck in the summer.

    - You have four teeth and we keep waiting for more to pop through.  You are constantly drooling and chewing on things.

    - You bite.  Mostly you save this for mommy and you do it hard.  Little stink.


    - You love your new room. By love, I mean you wake up about once a night and need to be rocked back to sleep.  As much as we love the extra cuddles with you, mommy and daddy would really enjoy having their sleep back.


    - You enjoy getting into trouble a little bit.  I blame it on you being all boy. One of your favorite things to do right now is play with the registers in the floor. 

    -Diaper changes are usually a wrestling match with you as well as getting you into your car seat. You are not a fan of either. Sometimes your sisters or a song can distract you from your hatred of these things.


    - You love to “walk” around things and push things around the house.  Your grandma Kathy got you your first pair or shoes and you just take off in them.

    - You are a protein and carb eater.  You have started taking fist fulls of food and cramming them in your mouth. There are days you out eat your sisters. You usually make a fuss about vegetables, until they are the only thing left on your tray and then you devour them.

    IMG_1212[1]Little man, you make us smile so much.  We love you more than you could ever know!




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  • IMG_1191[1]The Facts:

    - Your top two teeth are starting to break though.  These will give you all four of your front teeth.IMG_1179[1]

    - You are such a happy baby but you have been even more content since your surgery (tubes in your ears.)

    - You are sleeping so much better now as well.  We can lay you in your crib awake and you will fall asleep on your own just fine.


    - You still love to climb and are constantly going for the stairs.

    - You can wave and say “hi.”

    - You also say “dada” and “baba” but still no “mama” yet.


    - You love to give open mouthed kisses and blow kisses across the room. Such a flirt!


    - You have cut down to a bottle every 4 hours and are eating table food all the time.  You have even started doing some whole milk in a sippy cup.  

    - You have a such a connection with both of your sisters but no one can make you laugh like Brynzlee!


    Ryker Gene, we love you so incredibly much!  Thank you for all the joy you bring into our lives!


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    The Facts:

    - You have started crawling and are slowly phasing out the army crawl.

    - You can pull yourself up to things now and move maneuver around a little bit.


    - You love to be standing up to things.

    - You also love to climb the stairs.  Every chance you get, you take off for them and head up.  You know your not supposed to too because you look around to see if anyone is watching and smile. 


    - I hate to say that your ear infections have not slowed down at all and you (finally) have an appointment next week to get tubes put in. We are hoping this will stop the vicious rounds of antibiotics we have been doing.


    - You enjoy biting and pulling hair.  Your sisters are slowly learning of the dangers of getting in your face.

    - You are a meat eater.  You aren't big on fruits and veggies but will devour your protein just about every night.


    Little man, you keep us so very busy but we love it.  You are just precious and so incredibly happy.  I could listen to your laugh all day long! 

    Happy 10 months!



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  • IMG_1130[1]

    The Facts:

    - Your 2nd tooth has popped through.  You now have both of your bottom front teeth.

    - You can clap your hands and wave.  We are working on blowing kisses, which makes you giggle every time.


    - You say “dadadada” and “babababa” often. We are working really hard on “mamama.”

    - You have upped your army crawling to be able to get across a room pretty quickly.  You are now into everything and even tried to climb the stairs last night.  You got up the first step, we are going to be in trouble soon.

    - You still love to spit/blow bubbles.


    - You get so happy that you bite.  Often this is taking mommy’s chin in your mouth and biting hard. Silly boy!

    - You still love to be sung to and hate getting into your car seat.  Your sisters are really good about singing to calm you down. It is adorable.

    - You love to watch the dogs and try to pull their hair every chance you get. 


    - You are currently on your fifth different round of antibiotics for this never ending ear infection.  We are awaiting a call from an ENT to book an appointment and hoping we can get a surgery lined up before our flight in a few weeks.

    - You have had really rough nights due to these ear infections and meds that are making your poor tummy upset.  We are now giving you Motrin at night which I hate but seems to help your poor ears. 

    -  Even with the obvious pain you have had all this month, you are still such a happy baby!  You love to give smiles and giggle.


    - You are eating so much table food and have a great appetite!  You are also doing a pretty decent job of drinking water out of a sippy cup all by yourself!

    - You have started transitioning to the older infant classroom at school and it makes you seem like such a little man.  Mommy is not prepared for you to grow up so fast.IMG_1122[1]We love you so much, “bubba!” You make us all smile everyday!



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