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    The Facts:

    -You finally got your first tooth! :)


    - You love to walk around while holding onto furniture and pushing the walker.  You are going to be walking on your own before we know it.

    - The other day you decided to crawl up the first step on our stairs like it was no big deal.  You were watching sissy go upstairs and, as usual, wanted to do what she was doing. 


    - You hardly eat baby food anymore.  You only want solid food.

    - You finally said mama the other day….right after you went from saying “dada” to the occasional “daddy.”  I see where I rank. 

    - You are a daddy’s girl right now and will even cry when he leaves the room.

    iPiccy-collage- You can sign “all done” and almost said it the other night.


    - You really enjoy singing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.” You move your hands up and down, smile, and bounce when it is sung to you. 


    -You are already in 18 month clothes and sometimes wear a 18-24 month shirt.  I even bought you a 2T dress the other day and it fits you. We are flying through Bryn’s hand-me-downs, especially her shoes!

    - You are so happy and still give the best giggles when your sister is talking to you.  I love the way you two adore each other. (At least when she isn’t trying to pick you up or get in your face.)


    We love you so much, baby girl!



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    Brynzlee Grace turned 4 years old in April.  It might not seem like much but I swear there are times now that I look at her and think “how are you already a little woman?”  Don’t get me wrong we still have some scattered temper tantrums, potty accidents, etc. but she is maturing and it is hard on a momma!


    To celebrate our oldest getting older, we decided to throw her her first “friends” birthday party. (We had a separate party at Granny and Poppa’s house for family.)


    We kept it very low key and had cake and ice cream at the house and a “tea 4 Brynzlee” theme.  Bryn asked to invite a few of her friends and neighbors and we kept it small by just having a school party for her friends at Primrose.  (Yes, our child had three VERY small parties for her birthday. That is what happens when your birthday falls right between Easter and your mom’s biggest school event of the year.  Sorry, Brynie bear, your parties might forever be based around what is easy and convenient.)


    tea cups: borrowed from an amazing friend, cupcake stand and bonnet take-a-way gifts: Target dollar bin, garland: Golden Drop Garlands, flowers: Adrienne’s in Noblesville



    I hardly took any pictures. Mostly we spent time chatting with friends and neighbors while Bryn had a blast running around with her friends.  I think she was on cloud nine. 


    And the best news…Bryn’s cake actually survived this year!


    Happy Birthday, Brynzlee Grace!


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  • FullSizeROur sweet Zella Lou was baptized on Sunday, March 18, 2017 at First Presbyterian Church in Noblesville by Pastor Eric Gale.


    Both our Roe and Starbody families were able to join us for her big day. 


    Her dress was slightly large on her but what can you expect when you order something cheap online from China. At least it made it to Indiana on time.




    Pastor Eric showing Zella off to our church congregation as we all sang the traditional hymn “Jesus Loves Me.”



    This picture pulls at my heart strings so much.  Zella and her “papa” (my dad) who she resembles the most.

    Celebrating Zella’s dedication to our heavenly father brought us all smiles and happiness through the pain of knowing that my dad’s father would be leaving us soon to join that same father in heaven.


    The Starbody Side


    The Roe Gang with two new babies on the way!


    We ended the celebration with a taco bar, Kroger cake, and delicious cookies all the way from Illinois and the talented Ashley Patton. 


    Thank you Kathy, Ryan, Sam, mom, dad, Kaitlyn, Michael, and the Jones and Miller families for coming to celebrate our little lady.  It means the world to us and we love getting to spend time with each of you. 


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    The Facts:


    - You have started pulling up on things. You are so proud of yourself every time you accomplish this. We had to lower your crib mattress down shortly after you turned 8 months old.  Today you pulled yourself up to our first step and longingly looked up at your sister playing on the stairs.  It won’t be long until you are cruising up the steps.

    - You took you first three flights this week and did wonderful. Our carefully packed snacks helped a lot…you love to eat and sleep, kid!

    - You are crawling around like you own the place.  You have quickly learned what the word “no” means but are already starting to look back at us with a mischievous look when we say it to you.


    - You love to giggle and talk to us.  You can often be found saying “da-da” but I still don’t think you know what it means.

    - You got spoiled on the cruise last week by eating fresh pureed fruits and veggies along with lots of table food each day.  I think we are already getting close to being done with baby food.  You prefer solid food but still show no signs of any teeth popping through.


    - You love baths and being in the water.  Your favorite part of the cruise was crawling all over the splash pad and playing with your sister.  It was adorable.

    - We officially moved you into the big girl car seat in mommy’s car and will be buying another one for daddy’s car soon. 

    - You have so much personality and love to laugh and dance.  Tonight sissy sang “happy birthday” to you for your 9 month milestone and you rocked back and forth and waved your hands in the air. 


    - You can clap your hands and love to play peek-a-boo.  You also enjoy looking at your reflection in the mirror.  Today you were waving at yourself for a good 20 minutes straight.

    - You have been wearing size 12 months for a few weeks now.  Sometimes we even put you in 12-18 month shirts.  You are a growing girl.

    - Your feet also fit in the first pair of shoes that we bought for your sister when she turned one. 

    - We have started letting you drink water out of a sippy cup and you are already a champ at it.  Now if we could just get you to hold your own bottle as well.


    Zella Lou, you fit so perfectly in our family and we couldn’t imagine life without you.  You bring us so many smiles and laughter. We love you!




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