36 weeks and counting…

Reality is setting in that in less than a month I am really going to have to push this baby out.  Not gonna lie…..I am starting to freak out a bit.  Nathan has been a BIG help and I know HE is going to do great when “d-day” comes, but the truth is….I am a big wuss when it comes to pain.  How do people survive this?! (I am only partially kidding here!)

Current status: The belly is huge.  I have heartburn still and have occasionally woken myself up to puke in my mouth….not pleasant! I am often uncomfortable and pee about every hour.  Brynzlee has gotten so strong…her punches and kicks take me by surprise all the time now…especially when it is straight to the ribs. :)

For some visuals, here are the maternity pictures we had done by Cammi Comer at Ardent Owl Photography a couple of weeks ago.  I love this lady and her mad skills! Can’t wait for her to take pictures of our bundle of joy. :)














The nursery is coming along.  We finally broke down and bought a new dresser/changing table since we had no luck finding a used one that worked for our height.  The crib is all painted thanks to an amazing woman in Crawfordsville who is more patient than my husband! :) The bedding is also getting finished and I got the material for the bumper monogramed with a “B” from a local man.  It turned out beautiful and I can’t wait to see the whole thing put together. 

I had been bothering Nathan for a long time about buying a chandelier for “B’s” room to replace the nasty brass ceiling fan and tie in our “shabby chic” look.  He didn’t want it at ALL and said it would hang too low and he would hit his head on it.  I even found one at Menard’s for less than $100 but he wasn’t budging.  I gave up and decided we would just spray paint the brass to make our ceiling fan more presentable.  The next time we were at Menard’s Nathan asked if I wanted to look and see if they had gotten any more of the chandeliers in that I wanted and whadya-know, we ended up getting one!  Yes, I am spoiled and yes, our daughter is doomed! :) We put it up together and look how fabulous it is in the room….in LOVE! A big thank you to the hubby!



Here is a sneak peak of the tissue paper balls that will be hanging in the corner. 

I am thankful for the good times we had with family and friends this weekend and am currently hoping that this snow will either stop soon so I don’t have to drive in it tomorrow, or continue on full force so mama can do what she does best now….sleep all day. :)



  • Courtney Mann

    I'm in LOVE with that chandelier!

  • Aunt Jen

    Love the room! Only a few weeks to go! Maybe the baby
    will be born on April 17...Logan's 17th bday! Hopefully not on Brandon's
    On April 30. Lol.

    Hope all is well.
    Aunt Jennifer

  • Samantha

    That "wonderful woman from Crawfordsville" is bringing Baby Brynzlee's crib to our house tomorrow! :)

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