30-Life Crisis?

In my true blogger fashion, I am doing a catch up post.  In the past few months I turned 30, Nathan had his last softball game of the year, Brynzlee has been attending her last school year at Primrose, and Zella turned 1 and recently has had 4 more teeth pop through (making for a whole 6 teeth now.)

To quote Dr. Seuss “But that is not all! Oh no, that is not all…”


In July we took a trip to Fort Morgan, AL, one  of our favorite vacation spots.  We had a blast spending time with my parents, grandparents, sister, and her BF, Michael.  Zella loved walking on the beach and by the last day Bryn wasn’t terrified of the ocean any more…silly girl.


Right after returning from vacation, we were finally able to get our dream patio completed.  We are so thankful for this space that allows us to fully enjoy our gorgeous back yard!


As our patio was being finished, we stumbled upon this dream home further out of town.  This sparked lots of discussion and even an appointment with our relator to check out the home.  The house sold the day before we were able to go see it. 

Now if that alone doesn’t make you think we have lost it, this will. We have since been looking at houses and land online and even met with a custom home builder to look into options.  We have been in our current house for only three years!  Some days I think we have lost our minds but the thought of living out on some land close to town and having our kids grow up in a smaller school district is just too familiar and appealing.  The good thing is we are in no rush to make any decisions.


To add to the crazy, on August 1st we found out we would be adding a third child into our bunch. We are so excited to be growing our family! Our 20 week ultrasound is next month.  We can’t wait to see our healthy baby and find out if it is a he or she!

20170913_190932 August was full of birthday party celebrations and spending time in the “new” play room.  Once we had a patio to move our “dinning room table” to, we were able to make our formal dinning room a play room for the girls that gets used so much more!


September and October have been filled to the brim with time with friends and family.  Last weekend Nathan and I, along with my BFF/SIL, became Godparents to our nephew, Maverick Jones. He is such a little blessing!


We also decided to book a last minute vacation to Disneyworld at the end of the year.  We have never booked a trip like this only a few months out and the fact that my husband agreed to go back to Disneyworld with no nudging is a miracle in itself! December is going to be a whirlwind but hopefully it will all be worth it for our last vacay as a family of 4!


Here’s to hoping age is just a number and doesn’t make you lose your marbles. :)

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