“Big Girl” Room

Today my baby “Z” turned 1 month old.  My how time flies. To celebrate she is taking a nap so her photo shoot has been postponed. Her milestone post will be up later this week.

Instead, I give you a tour of Brynzlee’s “big girl” room. 


When we started brainstorming for Zella’s nursery we knew we were going to take Brynzlee’s dresser out of her room.  This led to a long discussion about what to do in Bryn’s room.  We didn’t want her to feel like we were taking things from her and giving them to her baby sister. 


We finally settled on the solution to go ahead and get Bryn a new matching bedroom set.  We made sure to get her a dresser with a mirror “like mommy’s.”  


bedroom set from Décor 4 Kids

We got the set from the same local store that we had bought Bryn’s previous dresser from.  I love the store and love this furniture line from Smartstuff.  There are all kinds of added/hidden gems in her furniture.  For example, her bed has a “secret” reading light that is attached to the headboard and the nightstand has a secret light and a hidden charging station for her electronics when she is older. 


These finials are basically the whole reason I feel in love with this bed.


The wicker furniture set that my mom found on ebay serves as the perfect coloring spot.



bedding from Zulily


sign from Hobby Lobby


I love how this room turned out.  I think my favorite thing about this room is the full size bed.  This is something the hubby and I debated on for a long time.  (This is Bryn’s third bed in her her short three years of life.) 


Right before Brynzlee’s bedtime each night, all six of us (the two dogs included) climb into this bed for story time and prayers.  Something that just wouldn’t work in the twin bed.

Having the whole family together to reflect on the day is perfection.  I can’t believe my girls are getting so big so fast.  I’m off to get in more baby cuddles while I still can. 

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